Kkco Fantasi 6


Thu - Feb 18, 2021 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

After 12 months of being cut off from the real world – we’ve created our own. Introducing FANTASI – a collection created for an alternate dimension we call Unelma. In Unelma, colors are bright, beings are free, and there are no seasons. See you on the other side.

Fantasi marries unexpected fabrications, contradicting prints, and vibrant palettes. Blending warm and cool weather fabrications, the pieces are defined to be layered and taken off for an all year wearability. The wide bold stripes are attention seeking, along with the bright and saturated color palette.

As we get deeper into our world, our colors start to blend and the distinction between patterns and dyes are blurred. With a continued exploration of experimental dye techniques, we introduce two new specialties this season: the Roller Dye and Dip Dye. Both techniques are done by hand locally in Los Angeles. The Roller Dye blends the two worlds of dyeing and printing - creating a print by dye rolling it onto each garment. The Dip Dye explores our relationship with color. Keeping our colors saturated, vibrant, and bright - we challenge the construct that certain colors are seasonal.

If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that change is long overdue – including how we approach clothing. We’re excited to shed the mindset that clothing is seasonal. Moving forward, we are removing seasonal titles from all of our collections, creating a sense of longevity to each piece. Fantasi is a collection born from just that. It consists of pieces that can be worn and layered throughout the entire year and for years to come. It’s timeless and season-less all while remaining bright and fun.


FANTASI Collection


Ask KkCo about FANTASI

Asked by Anita Hilton on Mar 07, 2021

"Did KKCO designed the footwear of Fantasi? Seguey ... Adore Look 19. Cheers. Ah"

KkCo: We designed the mules you see in look 18 alongside Volver Workshop! The shoes in look 19 are the Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots!