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Red, White & indigo

OAK & ACORN ~ Only for the Rebelles

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Tue - Sep 15, 2020 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

America has a unique opportunity to have a diverse conversation. There is a mass uncovering that is allowing us to engage, examine & re-educate our history and the systems that have been imbalanced for centuries. The kinetic energy is ignited by the global pandemic, America's upcoming presidential election and the global call-to-action to value the lives and contributions of Black People.

The experience of being born Black in America isn’t a monolithic story about slavery, American history is more dynamic than that. In this presentation, we invite you to view a snapshot of America - past, present & future forward through the eyes of Designer Miko Underwood.

The Oak & Acorn ~ Only for the Rebelles 2021 Seasonless collection threads a colorful American Jean Story centering Denim as a cultural, social & political icon in American history.

Made with handwoven & hand dyed indigo West African cotton, deadstock denim, hemp & recycled cotton fibers, the collection features pieces that are compostable, biodegradable, repurposed and includes antiviral & antimicrobial technology. Our goal is to create pieces that unify. Clothing that is cozy, comfortable, functional, protective, empowering & eco friendly for men & women alike. The Collection prioritizes the future of sustainability, function & purpose.

OAK & ACORN ~ Only for the Rebelles Red, White & indigo

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